2016-17 Course selection overview for current grade 10-11 students

  • February 12th: Grade 10 & 11 assemblies where students will be given personalized course selection sheets along with their credit check on the back. Guidance counsellors will explain the courses selection process, the course selection sheet, how to parcours obstacle gonflable pas cher complete a credit check and answer questions.
  • February 16th: Information session for current grade 10-11 parents in the Bella Rose Centre at 7pm.
  • February 12th-February 18th: Students use this time to look over their completed credit check, research post –secondary interest/programs, check out course descriptions in the HWHS course selection booklet online, discuss options with family/teachers/friends and complete their course selection form.
  • February 18th: Deadline to return completed and signed course selection forms.
  • February 22-March 11: Guidance counsellors will be meeting with all students in the computer lab over the span of 3 weeks to input their course selections. At this time, counsellors will review the students’ selection and the students have an opportunity to ask specific questions.
  • Once students have met with their counsellor and input their course selections, an appointment with their counsellor can be scheduled for fine tuning, if still required.

Credit Check Guidelines

  • You need 18 credits to graduate in Nova Scotia. We set you up to graduate with 21.
  • Only 7 grade 10 courses can count amongst those 18 and at least 5 must be at the grade 12 level.
  • The 18 credits must include the following:
    • 1 fine art
    • 1 physical education credit
    • 1 Canadian Studies
    • 6 credits which will come from the “Math/Science/Technology” category:
      • 2 Math (Gr. 10-11)
      • 2 Science (1 has to be either Science 10, Biology, 11, Chemistry 11 or Physics 11)
      • 2 other courses which must be either Math, Science or Technology (or a combination)
    • Grade 10, 11, 12 English
    • Global Geography or Global History 12
    • 5 other courses
  • Please check course perquisites and descriptions in the Course Selection Guide on the Guidance website.
  • Some courses are academic and some are open level.
  • Graduation requirements and university and college entrance requirements are NOT the same. If you have a college/university/program in mind now, please do your research. Get to know their websites, entrance requirements, program description, etc.


I can’t have an appointment with my guidance counsellor before choosing courses. Do I have to figure this all out on my own? Of course not! Please see the Course Selection Overview on the first page of this document. Your Guidance counsellors are here to help you.

If I sit with my counsellor and input my course selections after other students, will they have a better chance getting the courses/schedule they want? No, you will not be disadvantaged. Mr. Simony does not make any decisions about course offerings or scheduling until guidance counsellors have finished the course selection process with all students.

Can you go to university without academic Math? The simple answer is yes! There are many university programs that do not require academic math and this is why it is so important to do some research before choosing courses.

If I don’t take academic math or pre-calculus math in high school, many doors are closed forever. This is a MYTH! Most universities and colleges offer Math 12 and Pre-calculus 12 equivalents (along with other university prep courses) for students missing some required courses.

Can I request an additional course? Forms to request and an additional course will be available in the spring. Guidance will announce when these forms are available. Students will know if they have been granted an additional course when they return in September. An elective additional course is rare because of space.

Useful Tips

Please complete the 3 Year Course Plan. This is just a tool to help you plan your time here with us and make better, more informed course decisions. You are not locked into this plan. This is for your purposes only and should help alleviate some of the stress.

Please take time when choosing your courses as there are no course changes. One of the great things about the West is we listen to our students. Our course offerings are 100% based on what students want. For example, the number of sections of pre-calculus 11 offered is based on the number of students selecting it. More students select, more sections are offered. This means that we do everything we can to accommodate your course selections; consequently, when you change your mind we do not have empty seats or additional courses for you to take as our course offerings were based on your first selections.

Choose your alternate courses wisely.

Guidance counsellors are available for students to drop in and ask questions during lunch.

Some programs like O2 and French Immersion have additional requirements.

CO-OP and Physical Education Leadership require applications. These can be picked up in guidance.

Grade 11 marks count. Please do not wait until grade 12 to start taking your studies seriously. Students are often applying to post-secondary programs in the fall of their grade 12 year to meet Feb.-March deadlines. This means that universities/colleges are basing their decisions on some of your grade 11 courses.

Students can start applying to NSCC once they have completed first semester of Grade 11. If you are interested in NSCC, please apply as soon as you are eligible as program fill up quickly and are waitlisted.

2016-17 Course selection overview for current grade 10-11 students