The process for selecting courses for grade 10 and 11 students will begin in mid-February and continue through until the end of March. Students will be given a Course Selection Sheet on February 12th with options on one side and a credit check chart and their own historical grades on the other. There is also an up-to-date online copy of the Course Selection guide on the HWHS website.

Students are expected to complete the credit check and consult the guide to make choices. Counsellors will be offering an information session for parents & students Thursday, February 19th in the Bella Rose Arts Centre following Curriculum night. The Course Selection Sheet should be signed by a parent/guardian and the student and returned by February 23rd.

Students will be going to computer labs during their A or B class over the following 4 weeks to input their course selections. All three guidance counsellors will be present to consult and advise the students during this process. After course selections are entered, students may schedule an appointment with counsellors or email questions if additional information is required.

Course Selection Information