The Youth Health Centre (YHC) supports you in making decisions about your health and well being, in a safe environment. The YHC is a partnership between the Halifax Regional School Board and Capital Health.

WHAT can you expect?

Your Youth Health Centre Coordinator:

  • Provides confidential services with accurate, non judgmental information
  • Values your knowledge
  • Welcomes your input
  • Respects your opinion
  • Works with your strengths
  • Addresses your health concerns in a meaningful way

All services provided by the Youth Health Centre are confidential, with some exceptions. The YHC staff will not share any information following your visit without permission. We are happy to explain how we protect your privacy.

WHY come to the YHC?

Some reasons students visit the YHC include:

  • Feeling sad or angry
  • Feeling confused or stressed
  • Relationships issues
  • Problems at home
  • Need condoms
  • Pregnancy testing/birth control education
  • Safer sex information
  • Sexuality/gender questions
  • Dating violence
  • Drinking too much
  • Concern about drug use
  • Help to quit smoking
  • Healthy eating/nutrition
  • To get involved
  • School projects
  • Needing to talk

WHAT else?

The YHC also offers programs to help you get involved in school life, and creates leadership opportunities if you want to learn some new skills. The programs at the YHC are driven by you, and decisions are made through your input. This is a great opportunity to get involved! The Youth Health Centre Coordinator might also be able to help you connect with supports or services in the community.

WHERE is the YHC?

Your Youth Health Centre is located in Room C351, on the third floor.

WHEN can you come to the YHC?

Students are encouraged to come at a time that doesn’t interfere with class, but if you do come during class time you will get a note to be excused. Your YHC Coordinator will be here most days, but may also sit on community committees, attend Public Health meetings, and provide support to junior highs in the area, so there may be times where your YHC Coordinator is away. When your coordinator is in, her door is open.

The YHC is not a place to come if you are physically sick or injured. We do not treat, diagnose, or administer medication.

WHAT other supports are there?

Choices (Substance Abuse/Gambling Support)  491-2401
Cobequid Youth Health Clinic      Nurse: 869-6106
Social Worker: 869-6131/869-7107
Emergency    911
Family Focus Clinics  420-6060
Find a Family Doctor 424-3047
Halifax Sexual Health Centre  455-9656
Health Link (Non-Emergency Health Info)   811
IWK     Switch Board: 470-8888
Poison Control Centre: 470-8161 or  Toll Free @ 1-800-565-8161
Mental Health Referral: 464-4110
Kid’s Help Phone  1-800-668-6868
Laing House (Peer Support for Youth with Mental Illness) 425-9018
Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team   429-8167 or  Toll Free @ 1-888-429-8167
Metro Food Bank (General Inquiries)457-1900
Mobile Outreach Street Health  429-5290
North End Community Health Centre  420-0303
North Preston Health & Wellness Centre  434-3807
Phoenix Youth Programs  446-0676
Phoenix Youth Shelter     446-4663
Phoenix Outreach (text or call) 818-5737 or  1-877-332-3331
Public Health Services   481-5800  (Pre Natal Classes)  481-5842
QEII STI Clinic (VG Site) 473-2272
Supportive Housing for Young Mothers  465-2212 ext. 3
Youth Project (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) 429-5429