2019-20 Course Selection PowerPoint: includes steps to take to choose and input course selection through PowerSchool

2019-20 Course Selection Booklet

Registration Tips & Credit Check Guidelines for the 2019-20 school year for current grade 10-11 students

2019-20 Course selection timeline for current grade 10-11 students

  • February 11th: Grade 10 & 11 assemblies: Grade 10 & 11 assemblies where students will be given personalized course selection sheets along with their credit check on the back. Guidance counsellors will explain the courses selection process, the course selection sheet, how to complete a credit check and answer questions.


  • February 13th: Information session for current grade 10 & 11 parents in the Bella Rose Theatre following Curriculum Night.


  • February 12-March 1st: Research & Course input through Powerschool
    • Students use this time to look over their completed credit check, research post –secondary interest/programs, check out course descriptions in the HWHS course selection booklet online, discuss options with family/teachers/friends and complete their course selection form.
    • Students will input their courses on their own through PowerSchool either at home, school library, Halifax public library, etc.


  • Feb. 19-28th: Guidance counsellors will be in the computer lab during lunch to help students who may need assistance with inputting their selections in Powerschool.


  • March 1st: Deadline to input course selection in PowerSchool and return their completed/signed course selection forms to their A Block teacher.

     Students can get help from their guidance counsellor through one of the following:

  • Email their questions to their counsellor
  • Drop by during the lunch hour to ask questions as all three counsellors will be available at this time.
  • After doing their research and drafting a tentative course selection, students can book an appointment with their counsellor to help fine tune  their selections